Insufficient Sleep Increased Risk Driver Crashes

Insufficient Sleep Increased Risk of Driver Crashes

Insufficient Sleep Associated With Increased Risk of Crashes for Drivers

According to a recent report; Insufficient Sleep Associated With Increased Risk of Crashes for Drivers on the road and highways now-a-days. In this report, which is based on materials provided by American Medical Association (AMA).

And which focus more on the relationship insufficient sleep and its association with increased risk of crashes for young drivers We would venture to say Insufficient Sleep does have an impact on all drivers regardless of age. And we don’t believe that that impact is conducive to road safety

Government’s complicity in insufficient Sleep related Crashes for Drivers.

Government’s complicity in insufficient sleep and the association with increased risk of crashes for Drivers

In addition to and in supporting the argument that; insufficient Sleep is Associated With Increased Risk of Crashes for Drivers, there are and have been several other reports which made similar claims.

For instance, in many countries and states, there is a custom of switching the clock back and forth between standard time and day light saving time in the spring and fall each year.

You may noticed that in the days following those changes, especially in the spring when the clock is moved forward, reports of automobile accidents shot up and annalist ascribe this to sleep deprivation due to that 1 hour short fall when the clock moves forward.

If that is true, and we have no evident to the contrary, then what do we make of the situation when the government presides over a systematic reduction of road ways and prescribe speed limits in some zones. While at the same time increasing traffic police presence by leaps and bounds, what are the end results?

Since people still needs to get to and from work, their bosses are not likely to cut their working hours (on the job) the home and family aspects of life still needs to be tended to, where the commute to and from work used to amount to two hours per day (for argument sake) its now costing an extra 1- 11/2 hour all due to induced traffic congestion.

Now that extra 11/2 hour has to come from somewhere, and there are still 24 hours in the day and you can’t change that. The only place those extra hours are going to be coming from is your sleep time.

So now you have here; more congested streets, lots of super angry, and sleep deprived zombies all over the place. These are the state-of-affairs which the powers-that-be has created and/or presided over, while many are killed and maimed on the road and highways today.

That there are not a whole lot more traffic accidents daily under these prevailing conditions is nothing short of a miracle.

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