Audi R8 on a tow truck

Audi R8 on a tow truck

ImageAudi R8 on a tow truck being hauled away down the highway is not a sight one see every day, but that in itself is not all that alarming.

What’s alarming though, is seeing smoke coming from the tailpipe. Now explain it to me like a 5 year old because I’m not that smart; what am I looking at if I’m driving on the road and see ahead of me a tow truck with an Audi R8 strapped down on the flatbed but the engine of the Audi R8 is obviously running since there are smoke coming from the tail pipe.

What could it be that I’m looking at? Am I too much of a scenic to be thinking that I’m probably witnessing a crime in progress?

What could be the scenario that warrants this, especially when; (a) there are no visible signs of damage to the Audi R8 that would suggest that it was in an accident, (b) this was happening on the highway and moving in a direction away from the city center and (c) It was headed towards a well known and region which has been much reports in the media of stolen vehicle rings and auto chop shop?

Like a 5 Y O, please explain it to me so that I may understand why these sorts of activities seem to be regularly occurring in these parts? 

This is not the first time that I’ve seen it around here. On one of those occasions, I did call the emergency number and report what I saw but they just threw cold water on it.

It’s probably nothing they say, and it could have well been “nothing” but tell me I beg of you, if that vehicle was detected parked (with the motor running) violating some laws or codes, why not; (a) ticket it like they so love to do, (b) tow it to another location nearby (at owner’s cost) as is the custom? On the other hand,

If the vehicle was being towed with the owners knowledge and/or permission, how hard could it have been for the owner to turn off the engine or have it turned off?

Why am I seeing these things and am so concerned at it while the cops which are everywhere these days can’t seem to see it or is it that they are not one bit concerned? 
Be it an Audi R8 or a beat up old lemon, its valuable property to its owner and should protected, but then again that’s just me and my five year old kid brain at work for you. 

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  1. It’s probably nothing at all, that was what they said when I called 911, but what if there is something more to it, is it our concern?

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