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Driving in Snow Valentine Day

Driving in Snow Valentine Day

Driving in Snow on Valentine Day

Valentine Day 2014 was for this driver as with many other, a very laboring task.
<img src=http://"driving-in-snow.jpg"?w=300&h=225 width="10" height="10" alt="Driving in snow">

Driving in snow

Everywhere you look it was Snow and traffic just inching along trying 
to get somewhere 
but not being able to move. 

It took me an extra 11/2 hr. to complete my usual 20 miles commute.

By the time I got to my first pick-up point, it was time to turn abound 
and get to my next schedule pick up, 
as a matter of fact, I was already 10 minutes behind for that too. 
But I did manage to make it while still saving face.

Driving In Snow is always a challenge for motorist, 
but this one took the cake.

Driving In Snow is an art, learn from the Pros.  Guide to Driving in winter

Driving In Snow along highway 13S on Valentine Day as traffic crawl through 

Lost over an hour & a half.